Software Analysis   Software Design
    Meeting with customers to gather system requirements     Preparation of high level architectural design of proposed system
    Preparation of Requirements & Specification document covering
 both functional & non-functional requirements
    Revision of architectural design according to customer &
 development department feedback
    Revision of Requirements & Specification document according to
  customer feedback
  Software Projects Planning & Management   Processes Definition & Review
    Preparation of project plan & project schedule     Identification of the area which needs improvement
    Organizing resources according to project plan     Process definition to fill the gap
    Execution of project according to project plan & project schedule     Process implementation
    Monitoring & directing project     Process analysis, review and revision according to
    Taking corrective actions for un-expected events         } Performance obtained
        } To keep project on time
} To keep project below the estimated cost
} To keep customer satisfied
        } Staff Feedback
Tracking best practices results
    Maintain a presence in the field to follow up on project
  Training   Software Products Concept Formation
    Preparing training budget     Market Survey for opportunities & gaps
    Plan, develop, and provide training and staff development
  programs, using knowledge of the effectiveness of methods such
  as classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training,
  meetings conferences and workshops
    Extensive study for new & existing technologies
New product concept formation by mixing
} Market opportunity & gap
} Acquired knowledge
    Conducting orientation sessions and arrange on-the-job training
  for new hires
        } Existing experience
Getting market feedback for new product concept
    Analyzing training needs to develop new training programs, modify
    and improve existing programs
    Developing and organizing training manuals, multimedia visual aids,
    and other educational materials
    Evaluate staff performance and the effectiveness of training
  programs, providing recommendations for improvement
    Conducting and arranging for ongoing technical training and  
  personal development classes for staff members
  Recruitment   Controlling & monitoring the expenditure of IT department
    Conducting applicants interview for technical evaluation